From Daft Alliance and Impatience or Indifference 

Alma Maru - Alma Maru  

Alma Maru (الممر : “passage”) -  the culmination of twenty years of collaboration; an arrival at a luminous present after a tumultuous odyssey through unsettled times.    

Oscillation akin to Henry Barnes’ freak  electronics supplanted the clean pastoral drones. Guitars tuned to utopian technophilia and  collective new age awakening gave way to algorithm-guided paranoia,destabilizing feedback, and intertwining elegiac harmonies. 

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DA218 Emperor of the North / Janky Funeral "DOOMRIDE" split

Side A / Janky Funeral buries living ears in a devastating set of fingernail scratching live-entombment-electronics with absolutely no hope of disinterment.

Side B / Emperor of the North, aka WT Nelson of Geronimo and Bastard Noise, prepares a visceral theme with sinister vocal condiment sparingly spread on violent analog aliment.



DA219 FiFac X Dino Crisis - BARCODES

Barcodes includes 8 collaborative dirges by 2 very different artists. FiFac is a producer of aural textures extracted from ambient and concrète forms. Crystalline drone and aggressive variants of ambient and footwork music using various synthesizers, effects, and samplers. Dino Crisis, aka Mackenzie Kourie of Rhode Island's NILSERVER, is generally a one man act of hyper free noise jazz with a focus on improvised percussion. Together the two have created something unique and playful in the spirit of free music. 

Digital album out now with option to purchase limited edition cassette.