MUDO - THE BEAST SPEAKS Music Video Now Streaming

Iggor Cavalera is best known as the drummer for metal legends Sepultura, a group he formed with his brother Max in 1984, but throughout the years has continually ventured well beyond the bounds of metal with various experimental projects including Mixhell, Petbrick, and solo as MUDO.

Following a split release with NTSC in 2020, a Throbbing Gristle inspired venture released by Tartarus, Cavalera released The Beast Within, a modular synth odyssey featuring Aleister Crowley's glass cylinder recordings from the 1920s, as part of the Plague Hymn series released by Daft Alliance Media.

Now, video artists Nathan Berlinguette and Skye Thorstenson have teamed up to create a stunning visual accompaniment that pairs their own disturbing vision with Mudo's equally haunting and harrowing sounds.

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